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Thank you for your patronage and supporting Camden Outdoors LLC.  During our kick off phase of our website, we are offering products that are 100% custom made at the time of your order.  With that being said, we do not currently support returns due to an incorrect size, color or design being ordered.  Please review the sizing chart for your item(s) before ordering to ensure your correct size.  

If you received a damaged item or a manufacturing error, we offer a free replacement or refund if you contact is within 30 days of product delivery.  Please contact us through email at and provide an explanation of the issue and provide a photo of the item.  If there are more than one item damaged, please ensure the photo(s) captures each items separately showing the damage.

As we expand our product line, we we update our store policy and return policy.  Thank you again for your trust and confidence in Camden Outdoors LLC.  We appreciate you and look forward to serving you for many years to come!


Camden Outdoors LLC does not sell your personal information, in that we don’t provide your name, contact information, or other personally identifiable information to others in exchange for money. However, when our authorized third parties collect information on our site through cookies or other automated technologies to provide site services such as our product and store locator, videos, and personalized recommendations, California law may consider the use of those services to be a “sale” of your personal information. You can opt out of these services and the disclosure of this information to these third parties by turning off cookies (other than “Essential” ones).

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